Some of you may be asking: "How the flippity do I get to HackDuke?"
Here's the page that will answer all your questions!

Where is the hackathon taking place?

The Fitzpatrick Center for Interdisciplinary Engineering, Medicine and Applied Sciences (FCIEMAS)
101 Science Drive
Durham, NC 27708

Saturday Parking Instructions & FAQ

Because there is a football game against Virginia Tech on Saturday, Duke will go into checkpoint mode at 9:00AM. Participants, mentors and sponsors will also not be allowed to park in PG4/Bryan Center, where guests usually park on non-football game days.

How do I get onto campus?

You must get onto campus via the intersection of Erwin Road and Research Drive. Here are directions to where you need to go in order to get as close to CIEMAS as possible.

Where do I park?

All vehicles must park in the R1 Lot, on the intersection of Hillsbourough Road and Carolina Avenue. This lot is behind the Harris Teeter.

How do I get to the venue from the lot?

Since this location is quite a distance from FCIEMAS, we will be providing a shuttle from the parking lot to FCIEMAS in the morning, that will follow these directions to get to FCIEMAS.

How do I get back to the lot from the venue?

For anyone who needs to get back to the lot during the event, they can order an Uber. We will only be providing shuttles in the morning.

You may head out at 9 p.m. or stay hacking until the wee hours of the morning, but whenever you need to head home from HackDuke, Uber's got you covered. With fares 38% lower than a taxi on average, there's no cheaper way to get around the Triangle - and if you sign up now using code HackDuke, your first ride will be FREE (up to $20)!

What do I do if I have passengers and/or swag to drop off?

If you are bus driver and have any items or people to drop off for the event, you must enter Duke via Erwin Road & Research Drive.

Then, make your way towards Telecom Drive. This will bring you at the back of FCIEMAS. We will have a volunteer assist you when you get to the dropoff point.

Finally, you should make your way to the parking area. The directions are here.

Sunday Parking Instructions & FAQ

Because the football game would have ended by Sunday (thank god), visitors are now allowed to park in the PG4/Bryan Center lot. You may also now enter campus on the intersection of Science Drive and Towerview Road.

So where do I park?

Participants, mentors and sponsors can park their cars in the PG4/Bryan Center lot. There is a parking fee of $5. Cash only.

How do I get to the venue from the lot?

Walking to FCIEMAS from the PG4/Bryan Center lot is easy. Here are the directions.

What if I'm still parked in the R1 lot from yesterday?

We are only providing shuttles for Saturday morning transportation. Therefore, you can take an Uber to get to the lot whenever you wish on Sunday.

Duke Students

Walk to FCIEMAS if you're living on West Campus. Take the C1 if you're living on East Campus, C2 if you're living on Central Campus and head to the Engineering Quad.

UNC Students

Take the Roberson Scholar Express bus to Duke. The bus fare and details can be found here and the bus schedule can be found here.

NC State Students

Find a carpool or split an Uber/Lyft with participants from your school to drive to Duke. Directions can be found here.

Here are the universities that we are sending buses to and the times that they will be picking you up. You do not have a seat on the bus if you have not registered and confirmed your application for HackDuke. Speak with one of the student bus coordinators to double check on your status. And lastly, please be respectful of the bus, the driver and the student coordinator. The student bus coordinator reserves all rights to withhold your seat on the bus.

Joint Bus for FSU & Georgia Tech

Head Bus Coordinator: Diva Hurtado

Departure at 12:00 AM, Saturday Morning

Florida State University
Strozier Library
116 Honors Way
Tallahassee, FL 32306

Head Bus Coordinator: Pavleen Thukral

Departure at 5:00 AM, Saturday Morning

Georgia Institute of Technology
Clough Undergraduate Learning Commons
266 4th St NW
Atlanta, GA 30313

Joint Bus for UIUC & Purdue

Head Bus Coordinator: Lily Sellers

Departure at 10:00 PM, Friday Night

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Siebel Center
201 N Goodwin Ave
Urbana, IL 61801

Head Bus Coordinator: Kirby Kohlmorgen

Departure at 12:00 AM, Saturday Morning

Purdue University
Lawson Hall of Computer Science
305 N University St
West Lafayette, IN 47907

Joint Bus for Waterloo & McMaster

Head Bus Coordinator: Keri Warr

Departure at 9:00 PM, Friday Night

University of Waterloo
Ring Rd
Waterloo, ON N2L 3G1

Head Bus Coordinator: Jimmy Wang

Departure at 10:30 PM, Friday Night

McMaster University
1309 Main St
W Hamilton, ON L8S 1C5

Bus for VTech

Head Bus Coordinator: Brandon Potts

Departure at 7:30 AM, Saturday Morning

Virginia Tech
Newman Library
560 Drillfield Dr
Blacksburg, VA 24061

Bus for UMD

Head Bus Coordinator: Ibrahim Hashme

Departure at 6:00 AM, Saturday Morning

University of Maryland at College Park
Computer Science Instructional Center
4146 Paint Branch Drive
College Park, MD 20740

Unfortunately, because our venue has a limit of 500 participants and we have a limited amount of funding, we can't get all 1200+ of our registrants to come to HackDuke.

Registrants who go to schools that do not have a bus provided for them and are out of state will be selected to participate in HackDuke.

These participants, who will most likely be traveling by plane, will be eligible for a reimbursement of up to $200.
They will be notified by email by October 19th about their status and will have until October 26th to confirm their spot and whether they need travel reimbursement.

If you did not get an email regarding confirmation of participation, you can opt to be put on the waitlist, so that when we find out that we have room for more participants, we will be selecting from the waitlist.

If you have gotten an email about participating at HackDuke, welcome! The next steps should be broken down to you in the email, but to reiterate, you need to:

  1. Confirm that you are coming to HackDuke and you need travel reimbursement by October 26th.
  2. Fill out the W9 form and upload it to your personalized registration link by November 22nd. This is absolutely crucial for your travel reimbursement.
  3. Buy your tickets and upload it to your personalized registration link by November 22nd. This is also absolutely crucial for your travel reimbursement.
  4. If you are an international student and do not have a social security number, we need a copy of your passport, visa and letter from the university stating your are in good standing by November 22nd.