Much thanks to Socrata and Code For Durham for organizing and providing the open data portal!

Poverty & Inequality


Health & Wellness

Energy & Environment

APIs & Credits

SendGrid API

Citrix/ShareFile API

API Accounts (one per team)

Twilio API

$25 Credit (use HACKDUKE)

Duke University APIs

Socrata API

IBM Bluemix Platform

Versal API

Amazon AWS Credits

$100 Credit

Microsoft Azure Web API & Microsoft BizSpark

eBay APIs


Much thanks to Red Ventures for sponsoring this initative!

In order to be more enviromentally friendly, HackDuke is no longer buying bottled water. Instead, we're providing HackKitty water bottles and 8 water coolers in an effort to save plastic!


Much thanks to our sponsors SendGrid for providing us with massage therapists to relieve and tension and stress at the event!

Ladies Night

Much thanks to Microsoft for sponsoring this event!

Meet all the local Duke/UNC and NCState lady hacker participants and some lady mentors before the fun begins!

Have awesome one on one conversations with some of the best, brightest and most passionate female hackers as well as some of the most successful female software engineers and designers in the tech industry over dinner.


Go to Twinnies to get to know others from the Ladies Storm Hackathons community as well as the female mentors that are at the event!


Nerf Gun Wars

Much thanks to eBay and Milo for sponsoring this event!

As always, we're hosting Nerf Gun Wars downstairs in CIEMAS basement from 10:00PM to 11:00PM. We'll be providing guns and ammo, but feel free to come equipped with your own arsenal!